Chabad Parkslope



A spiritual rejuvenation where water awakens the soul, heals the body, and reconnects women to our life source. A sacred tradition that has been carried through generations of women and continues to bind us in an unbreakable and empowering bond.


The Mikvah tells a story of empowering women, one that is thousands of years old. For generations, women from every walk of life entered the Mikvah for a chance at renewal and the Mikvah always accepted them regardless of their history or their past. It didn’t matter how long they needed to travel or the sacrifices they had made to get there, they believed in its power and in their own power, to serve as a link to a tradition that reminded them of their humility, humanity, and the possibility for new life.

In the waters of the Mikvah, women hold the gift of forming a deeper connection to G-d; one that is without barriers, and a reminder that we are constantly surrounded by G-d’s energy and that we each hold a part of G-d within us. When a woman steps into the Mikvah, a healing sense of renewal recenters her and brings her peace. In this moment, she is at one with herself, reaching the highest state of purity in a transformative experience that emotionally cleanses her and protects the intimacy of her marriage. 


The Mikvah waters carry a mystical power that purifies and cleanses a woman’s mind, body, and soul. It is both a time for prayer and meditation, and a chance for her to be at one with herself and with G-d. There are no barriers and no distractions. The sound of the water softly ripples and there is holiness and tranquility in the silence. A woman dips in the Mikvah, immersing herself completely, signifying that she too, is part of the evergrowing link, a connection to our past and our future. 

AT THE MEI SARAH PARK SLOPE MIKVAH, you can expect to be welcomed into our safe and nurturing environment, whether you are new or familiar to the tradition of Mikvah. Immersing in the Mikvah reminds us connection is never ancient nor lost, and the opportunity for renewal and to reconnect to G-d is never far. 

Our Namesake

Mikvah Mei Sarah, to honor the life of Mrs. Sarah Drizin, a true matriarch and role model for all Jewish women. She led a large family with great care, dignity, and empathy, leaving behind a legacy for all who knew her that promised to impact generations to follow. A Mikvah is a place where a woman immerses her physical self and yet, her spiritual soul is deeply elevated. The Park Slope Mikvah hopes to serve as a vessel to elevate the neshama (the Jewish spirit) of Mrs. Sarah Drizin.


OUR SPIRITUAL OASIS, offers a state-of-the-art, brand new luxury Mikvah, equipped with beautiful preparation rooms that hold top hygienic standards, while providing all necessary tools for preparation. A peaceful and supportive setting, our Mikvah attendants are there to guide and ensure every guest is attended to and cared for without judgement and the highest commitment to discretion.


We offer one-on-one classes for brides, couples counseling, and Jewish educational programs uniquely catered to every individual in relation to beginning a family and leading a rich Jewish life.

We are open every weekday evening by reservation and appointment only.


To schedule an appointment, please click here or call us at (718) 788-1270.


To learn more about the Mei Sarah Park Slope Mikvah or to schedule a tour, please email Mrs. Sarah Hecht at for more information.